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Aural Hematoma in Dogs

Your dog busted a bloodvessel in the “flippyflap” part of the left ear. We can “leave it alone' and itll bust open all the way,…

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RIPPED NAILS Case:  Good morning,Ms. has a nasty torn toenail *again*. I’m attaching an image for your review and opinion if we need to bring…

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You Thought Good Dog Breath Was Hard to Accomplish?

There's a product on the market called “Leba III” So I just saw Lexxie T. the terrier and she has this mouth like, it’s brand…

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Beef Knucklebones Beef knuckle bones are only slightly better than beef, shanks or shins. Which are just a tube of bone cut from the femur…

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America’s Favorite Veterinarian?

“America’s Favorite Veterinarian” recommends his products. Of course he does.  The guy’s just a slick, smarmy, 100 year old snake-oil salesman. You know, there’s no…

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Microbiome Outside AND Inside Us

I've had a crazy idea. (I know, rare for me). If you took fish mulm , and put it in a coffee filter to take…

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​Old Toy Breed Lungs​ – Why So Coughy?​

That Coughing Old Dog Has “Old Dog Lung”: Something about Old Dog Lungs:The cough is a synthesis of FIVE things – Read the list with…

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